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Welcome to the DC Strokers!

The DC Strokers Golf Club (DCSGC) is one of three brother clubs located in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.  We were established in 2004 to facilitate organized fun, networking, and friendly competition for the everyday golf enthusiast.  

We are a Maryland State Golf Association member club that operates The DC Strokers Tour - a series of thirteen (13) bi-weekly tournaments between April and October.

In addition to our bi-weekly events, we

  • compete in an annual match play competition against the Philly Strokers, 
  • participate in charitable events and programs,
  • meetup for practice sessions and happy hours, and 
  • other social activities enjoyed by our members and guests.

We pride ourselves on attracting players across all skill levels from lower handicap golfers to high handicap golfers; no one is denied membership based on their skill level or ability.  Our members play golf for the LOVE of the game and we invite you to be a part of the 2020 DC Strokers TOUR.


1.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Virginia Swing has been postponed until further notice.

2. 2020 Membership registration is open.  Pay your $160 dues today!

3. 2020 DC Strokers Tour schedule is HERE!

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