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Message from the 2017 DCSGC President

Dear Members and Guests,

Welcome to the Washington DC Strokers! It’s a great honor to serve as the DC Strokers President for 2017. I’m looking forward leading and getting to know more about each one of you in the coming season.

The Strokers Golf Club has established clubs in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. The Washington DC Strokers Golf Club (DCSGC) was established in 2004 to facilitate organized fun, networking, and friendly competition for the everyday golf enthusiast. The DCSGC participates in 13 sanctioned events over the course of our April to September season. During this season, the DCSGC and Philadelphia Strokers coordinate an annual match play event where we promote fellowship and competition. Our membership is constantly growing; we currently have approximately 100 members, 32 of which actively participate in our bi-weekly outings. We pride ourselves on attracting players across all skill levels from lower handicap golfers to very high handicap golfers; no one is denied membership for their skill play. Our members play golf for the LOVE of the game and we invite you to be a part of the DCSGC tour.

What can you expect this coming season? We have relaunched our website interface, a new competition challenge, new networking forum and new uniforms. The DCSGC website is very user friendly, allowing you to navigate with ease. You will now be able to view scores from previous golf rounds, pay green fees, view the golf season schedule and pictures from past outings and more- all from the new website! Our Competition Chairman has created a new challenge for members titled “Call Out”. This challenge will allow you access to “Call Out” your fellow Stroker for bragging rights. We have also created a new network forum to serve as a platform where members will share a short biography, professional background, birthday, etc. with fellow members. Last but not least, we have new uniforms! Our new shirt color is mandarin paired with a gray hat.

Again, thank you for trusting me to serve as your President. I look forward to working together with all of you to make this one of our best seasons to date!

Travis Preston

2017 DCSGC President

Strokers National Championship 2016