event #1 @ south riding gc - April 6, 2019

The President's Recap


DC Strokers,

Our first event was a huge success (29 members) from where I stood and I hope you felt the same positive energy that I felt.  From a club perspective we were extremely professional and organized.  Everyone arrived early to properly warm up and most importantly, make their t-time.  We were all in the correct uniform and looked united (no fines).  None of our groups were late to the box and that is extremely important.  Additionally, everyone kept up their pace of play and we finished the round in about 4.5-5 hours.  The course was appreciative of our pace of play and shared that with me after the round. 

By the numbers and on a difficult course, our gross average was 97.55, net average was 77.31  Low gross was 77 and high gross was 118.  Low net was 64 and high net was 105.  We had 1 eagle and 10 birdies.  We also had our fair share of bogies, double bogies and double par.  When analyzing your rounds of golf, you will find that most of the strokes are lost on and around the greens.  If you are free this evening, grab a couple of wedges and your putter and join me at Enterprise from 6-7 for some chipping and pitching fundamentals and practice.  I guarantee that you will get better!!!

The t-sheet is open for Pleasant Valley, and we currently have 2 members signed up to play.  Don't delay, pay to play!!! 

Lastly and most importantly - Everyone should be mindful of their health.  We have several members who recently have had a form of prostate cancer or other serious illness.  Each of them can share their story but what is most important is that it was detected early enough to start treatments and that each of them are expected to make full or almost full recoveries.  Get your annual or semi-annual check-ups and ask for the blood work that detects the major dangers to black men (hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, prostate cancer etc...).  It could save your life. 

See you in the short grass!

Very Respectfully,
Bryan L. Durr
President, DC Strokers 

Results Summary

 Low Net:

J. Huggins – 64

Low Gross: 

A Flight: B. Durr – 77 / B Flight: T. Smith – 90

Presidents Challenge: 

B. Durr / T. Preston / J. Thompson III / P. Burnett  (+2)  [$26 each]

Skins Winners: ($290 pot, $29 per skin)

B. Durr – Birdies #8, #14, #15

P. Burnett – Birdies #1, #11

T. Smith – Birdie #3

M. Harrison – Birdies #13, #10

J. Stringfield – Birdie #17

D. Odesola – Eagle #4

Call Outs:

Durr “Fly Guy” defeats  Travis “The Player”

J Morgan “The Mayor” defeats Syeed “Roc”