The DC Strokers Tour

Between April and October of every year, the DC Strokers conducts a series of 13 bi-weekly tournaments at public and private golf courses throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  This series of tournaments is called The DC Strokers Tour.

The 2019 DC Strokers Tour is broken into three "swings": (i) The Virginia Swing, (ii) The I-270 Swing, and (iii) The Prince George's County Swing.  Each swing consists of three standard tournaments and a major tournament.  Also included is our annual Memorial Tournament at Langston Golf Course in Washington, DC.

Strokers Cup points are awarded to member contestants for individual Gross and Net performances at each event.  These points count toward the season long DC Strokers Cup competition which is modeled after the PGA's FedEx Cup competition (minus the $10 Million prize).

2019 DC Strokers tour events